You can order your Boskyshoes in regular or customized size and shape, so it would fit perfectly to your feet.

Bosky in regular sizes can be returned free of charge within 14 days.

In case you're not satisfied, you can return even your customized Bosky. However we have to charge you 50 % of the price as an irrevocable deposit for individual custom production. See the Terms and Conditions.

When choosing the right size, and especially when creating a custom shape, pay attention to the following instructions.

Guide to choose the right size:

  • Measure the foot (heel - longest toe) or print the appropriate template according to your usual size.

  • IMPORTANT! Be sure to print out in actual size (do not adjust to the format and do not click shrink to the page).

  • Place the foot on the sheet with template, center your foot as you would imagine that it is already your Bosky sandal. If the template is too small or too big, print another size-template and try again.

  • The intended purpose of use can also play the role in choosing the right size. If you want a thinner sandals for easy use, the sandals can be more "tight". But if you plan to use your Bosky for running, hiking and for more demanding terrain, we recommend to go for a bit bigger size, so you foot will get a bigger "protective zone".

  • If the template fits and you are comfortable with the shape, make sure that the point indicating the toe-strap is really between your thumb toe and pointer toe. You can easily check that when you take a marker, put it 90°degrees to the paper and make a dot between those two fingers. When the dot matches the printed point (+- 1.5 mm), it's good and you've just found the right size of your Bosky sandals!

  • If the dot you've made is further than 2 mm from the printed point, and after adjusting the foot, the template does no more fit the feet, don't worry. When placing the order just write us the code of this toe-strap according to the table in the template - e.g. 42/C

  • If you are not satisfied with the shape of the template and even the change with the toe-strap dot doesn't solve the problem, please create your own sketch. See the Video Tutorial below. Send us the sketch with your order and when writing down the size, please pick - Individual.

  • If you've used the template sheet, but eventually you've chosen a custom shape, you can draw the line directly into the template that's closest to your ideal size. We than have more information to make a perfect pair of Bosky just for you.

  • When making a customized sandals, please write us if you have any other request concerning the size and shape. Please write us into the extra Notes if you want to have your sandals tighter without any extra space (especially in the front) or whether you prefer a bit more space around your foot.



Here you can download all available size templates to choose the right size of your Bosky sandals. 


Any template must be printed out in a 100 % scale. Please check the actual size checkbox in the print settings. After print-out, make sure to check the scale with the help of the control ruler at the bottom of the template sheet.