How to choose the right size?

  • You will find all the instructions how to choose the right size and how to properly draw outline of your feet in Size Selection.

How do I find out that tailor-made variant is good for me?

  • If you tried Bosky sandals or when using a printed template and the size and shape does not suit you. Usually the reason is too narrow or, on the contrary, too wide feet, or the asymmetrical length of fingers. If there is too much space left on certain part of the sandal or if one of the fingers sticks out over the outline of the sandal.

I don't have a good experience with the sandals with the strap between the fingers. Plastic flip-flops have always bothered me. Are Bosky sandals good choice for me?

  • Our experience and experience of other users is that even if somebody is not comfortable at first with the strap between the fingers, he gets used to it after a few first wears. Further use is then no longer a problem. Compared to the strap on common plastic flip-flops, which is usually tough and big, Bosky strap in made from PE material, which is better for the skin. This material is also softer and therefore makes significantly less difficulties even in a long-term wear.

Can I go into water with my Bosky sandals? Wouldn't it damage them?

  • Use in water or in wet conditions should not be a problem for Bosky sandals. Moreover, Bosky don't have any velcro zippers that doesn't stick together when wet. Beside this, the straps dry very quickly. Bosky straps are anchored in solid aluminium buckles, in which they hold very well even in water. However, if you intend to use your Bosky sandals frequently in wet conditions (e.g. water sports), choose a variant with a synthetic insole, because leather insole dries slower and it could negatively affect its durability.

The sole of Bosky sandals seems to be very thin, does it have a negative impact on their durability?

  • Thinner sole is not supposed to be more durable than much thicker and robust soles of ordinary shoes. However, we can tell that the mixture of the sole material is what matters the most in this case. We design our sandals to have balanced qualities, to last long but not to bother you with too much weight. If you want a really durable type of Bosky sandals, we recommend you to choose Enduro or Natural. As for durability, these are equivalent to very long lasting shoes.

You say that one can run in Bosky sandals. But I can't imagine running in sandals, what is it like?

  • You can definitely run in Bosky sandals. By its design they are made for it. Running in sandals is a bit different and it's more a matter of habit. On the other hand, in closed shoes you will never get this feeling of freedom and natural movement for your feet. That is why some people prefer running in sandals, at least as a beneficial addition to running in closed running shoes.

My feet sweat a lot. Is the synthetic insole good for me? What is your experience with it?

  • If your feet sweat more, the leather variant will be better option for you. Leather insole absorbs sweat pretty well. However, experience suggests that if you intent to use your Bosky sandals in nature - in the terrain, for running, etc., an artificial insole is a preferable choice, even when your feet are a bit more sweaty. After all, it adheres a bit better to your foot. Dust and dirt from the nature absorb moisture from your feet, therefore it then doesn't make problems. The synthetic insole is also easier to wash and maintain.

If the sandals don't fit me, can I return them for free?

  • Yes, if you've bought universal sizing on the internet you can return it to us for free within 14 days. In the case of customized size and design you will get 50 % of the price back (other half is a non-refundable deposit for the custom design). 

I have no experience with barefoot shoes. Are Bosky good for me?

  • Bosky sandals are definitely suitable for barefoot beginners. Especially because you can choose from different thickness. A thicker sole can be a good step from ordinary shoes to barefoot shoes. When switching to barefoot shoes you need to be careful and not rush too much. Elderly people who are used to walk the whole life in solid shoes with the support for foot and arch or people with weaker legs and muscles around ankle and on foot, have to take the transition to barefoot easy. That means, take your time, try it firstly for a short walk and then slowly prolong the time spent in the Bosky sandals. The same applies for active athletes, that are used to a high training loads and volumes. Be aware of sudden unilateral foot overload when jumping straight from supported shoes to barefoot Bosky. 

I have simple handmade string sandals. Why are Bosky sandals better and why should I buy them?

  • We also went through this phase years ago. So we feel entitled to claim that Bosky is evolutionary further. Specific composition of out-sole sandwiches, custom made straps for the needs of our sandals, specific custom made metal components, preformed out-sole and years of developing the perfect design protected by Registered design. These are all elements that you can directly feel when wearing Bosky. It makes wearing Bosky sandals much more enjoyable. Even though Bosky sandals are simple, every part of it has undergone a significant development and has been changed several times before it has reached its present form. 

Plug holding the finger strap from the bottom of the sandal is metal. I believe that it' a good solution in terms of durability, but doesn't it clatter while walking?

  • If you would listen very carefully, especially during the first wears of your new Bosky, you could hear a small tap of the metal plug. However, it is not significant, as the plug is embedded in the sole of the sandal and thus is dampened by the mass of the sole. By wearing, the plug also deepens itself more into the sole and makes no longer any sound.  

I'm used to outdoor sandals with thick and padded straps. Compared to these, Bosky has quite thin and simple straps. Why is it better?

  • It may take a bit longer time to get used to the thinner straps but it will reward you with considerably faster drying, more freedom for your feet, and better breathability, thanks to this they don't tend to catch so much dirt as thicker padded straps and thus don't irritate your skin. Sandals are then also much lighter and generally more elegant. As for the strength of our straps, you don't have to worry, it's more than sufficient. 

Are Bosky really made in the Czech Republic?

  • Yes, completely and exclusively in the Czech Republic! In a small village in the hills of the White Carpathians, near the spa town of Luhačovice, and in the vicinity of Zlín, the city famous for shoe-making and the birthplace of world-known shoemaker Mr. Baťa. Thanks to this, most of our component come from nearby surroundings of Moravian region.

I have a flat foot, are Bosky good for me?

  • In most cases, yes, they are. But you need to be more cautious, especially in the beginning. In a more serious case, we recommend you to consult with your orthopedist or physiotherapist first. But beware of "old school" individuals who don't favor barefoot shoes and who might unnecessarily discourage you. In most cases, wearing minimalist footwear or walking barefoot has a positive impact on such problems. Natural movement, especially in rugged terrain, helps to activate foot and its muscles, helps to stabilize it and it the case of minor problems, can be the solution itself. 

My feet usually hurt in a thin sole shoes. Will it be the same in Bosky?

  • Shoes with a thinner sole guide your feet to a different more natural way of walking. Therefore, a bit differently loaded muscles of your feet can hurt in the beginning. Bosky are designed to be as natural as possible for your feet. Even though you may feel them after first few wears, they will soon get happily used to this natural movement. Just don't rush it. 

 Does Bosky require some special maintenance?

  • No, they don't need any special maintenance. You can simply wash them in water. If really dirty or greasy, you can use soapy water and soft brush.

Are minimalist/barefoot shoes also good for city wear?

  • Yes. But we need to bear in mind few limitations. While walking around the city, our feet meet mostly with hard surfaces and our movement is quite one-sided and therefore can't be considered as completely natural or super beneficial for our feet. You can choose from two options. Either your movement technique is excellent enough, so you don't mind walking barefoot or in a thinner sole even on the hard surface. Or you can simply choose a little bit cushioned sandals for the urban environment that will partially simulate the flexibility of natural surfaces. Bosky offers a choice for both options. We offer also types that are a bit cushioned even while having a relatively thin sole and will still maintain the conditions for a natural movement of your feet.

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