Traditional leather belts and innovative design and craftsmanship

Rare is a range of sandals with luxurious leather straps and different construction, tuned more like a stylish urban variant, for every-day use, which naturally lead to offering even thicker variants. You do not have to hesitate to wear it in a natural environment too, but they will not be the most suitable and practical option for use in dirt and wet. Their main advantages are the use of premium materials, original construction, and very convenient and quick setup, thanks to which you will get used to them quickly.

Leather straps can be slightly stiffer than textile straps. Due to this, we recommend you to get used to these shoes more carefully, but once the sandals are adjusted well to the foot, the leather straps turn into an advantage. They keep a naturally defined space around the foot and easily hold the foot in the right place. In the end, they are more comfortable to wear than any textile strap models.

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