Love for sandals and believing in simple criteria - durability and versatility. These were the the key elements that stood at the foundation of Bosky.

The beginnings of Bosky date back to the times when minimalist way of footwear and barefoot was just about to start to attract its first supporters. These were then seen more as some strange enthusiasts.

My first barefoot shoes were nowadays well known five-fingers. At that time, it became clear to me that this is the path I want to take. From that time on, I put classic shoes aside and started to discover possibilities of minimalist footwear, open sandals especially.

Interest grew up in something one could call an obsession. That was the time when I couldn't do otherwise than to apply to university in Zlín, city famous for world known shoe-maker Baťa, to study shoe design and production. I learned and did a lot of new things, but also the concept of Bosky matured and got more sophisticated structure. I got so positive feedback from all the friends that tried Bosky while travelling to different parts of the world in them. It didn't take long then when I decided to put all my focus in Bosky sandals and I started a Bosky company.

Today, we are able to offer you the best minimalist sandals. And as a hardcore supporter of sandals, I can say the best shoes ever. I believe you will be truly satisfied.


Bosky Founder


Early times

First types ready for proper use


Sometimes it meant to come home literally barefoot.

In connection with nature

Freedom and Happiness

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