Long durability and resistance are not often privileges of minimalist footwear. It's not a surprise that other qualities such as lightness, flexibility and adaptability go against heavy, massive and therefore durable structure. With Bosky sandals we aim to achieve reasonable levels of all of these preferred qualities. Because what are shoes that will last ten years for if we suffer every time we wear them. Bosky sandals are durable but not at the cost of customer comfort. We offer more durable types of sandals and other types that emphasize primarily on lightness and comfort. The choice is up to you.


Flexibility and the ability to naturally adapt to the foot in any movement, these are the qualities, that we find important. That's why we carefully consider those qualities in Bosky production.


It is said that one pound on the feet is like 5 pounds on the back. We can doubt this ration, but the fact is that you can really feel any extra gram on your feet. We aim to reach the most natural conditions for the feet, that's why the lowest weight possible is the key quality of Bosky sandals. With the light shoe your feet don't get tired easily and it also help us to prevent bad movement habits. The lightest type of Bosky is under 200 grams per pair. This will be appreciated not only by motion purists but by everybody who wants to fit Bosky in his/her backpack.


Do you have atypical foot shape? Longer thumb? High instep? Wide foot? Or a narrow one? Thanks to the adaptable shape of out-sole and fully adjustable straps, Bosky can adapt to almost any foot. You can choose from different types of soles and thicknesses. If your feet require something special, we are ready to treat you with the luxury of tailor-made sandals.


Bosky sandals provide almost unlimited space to the feet and do not limit them in any functional axes. Above all, thanks to its design, they give the feet freedom in transverse axis, which is very active during walking or running.


Our feet have roughly the same amount of nerve endings as ur hands. And yet we've gotten used to close the into tight and insensitive shoes. It is the same as if we put thick gloves on our hands or welding eyeglasses on our eyes. For movement, our feet are something like second eyes, which we have voluntarily covered. Allow your feet to "see" again and perceive the world around from a different perspective. You may be surprised what you've been missing. It's not just about a pleasure, but also a function. Having the feeling in our feet we can perceive the terrain and adapt to it much faster and more naturally. Our movement then becomes safer, more intuitive and hence healthier. Everything then works as it should and as it has been developed for hundreds of years.


It may not be obvious, but feet need to breathe too. Only the dry skin will be really happy and healthy. Allow your feet to breathe even in the hottest summer. By doing so, you can prevent many possible problems.


Perhaps only a bare foot dries faster than Bosky sandals. Simple design with light quick-drying straps, a flat sole that doesn't hold water or dirt, together with the dark color of these parts ensures you to have dry feet in your Bosky sandals just few minutes after you've given your feet a water refreshment or have been forced to wade a river. Bosky with an artificial insole dries quicker that the types with a leather insole, that dries a bit slower. However we use leather that won't take long to dry.


Versatility is one of the most attractive qualities of Bosky sandals. Evening open-air concert? Walk in the woods? Half-year trip around the world? Bosky are ready for all! Are you?

Preformed out-sole

Preformed out-sole is one of the things that make Bosky special and place it in front of other barefoot sandals. The universal pre-forming of the sandals will adapt to your own foot after a while of wearing. This will allow you to fully use this type of shoe. Thanks to shaping Bosky will suit you much better, naturally fits the foot and holds foot against unwanted movements to the sides. Shaping also ensures that the straps are further from the ground and thus do not wear out easily. Fastening of the heel strap i higher than in the case of common huaraches sandals. Thanks to this, the heel strap is not falling off the hell, which allows you to wear Bosky quite loose and thus more comfortably.


We have good news for all supporters of earthing! The type called Bare (and other optional) comes with a conductive alteration of the instep strap. So you can be connected with the Earth not just bare foot but Bosky barefoot.