True to its name — performance series of Bosky shoes sandals

Bosky sandals have always had a tendency to direct their use out into nature and into the terrain. The Performance series has become the embodiment of these requirements. The departure from a strictly minimalist design made it possible to create a completely new category that has no parallels both in the world of barefoot sandals and outdoor sandals. The Performance series combines the best of both worlds. A combination of an open, airy shoe with a binding that literally sticks the sole to the foot, with the perfect grip and foot protection while maintaining the truly minimal feeling for the terrain. The shaped insole provides much greater protection against the foot peeking out of the sandal, but also against traps of the terrain. One of the main advantages of this series is the super quick and easy adjustment that you can do in just two steps. So you're set up in a second.

As the saying goes: "what is suitable for extreme use is very pleasant for ordinary use." The Performance series thus finds its way to users who are less enthusiastic about barefoot sandals, who are looking for a completely problem-free sandal, whether in terms of adjustment, durability or the appropriate choice of sandal for the given activity. Sandals from the Performance series will serve you in the city as well as when wading in a wild mountain stream. The more robust type of binding works well with thicker soles and makes the whole sandal even more comfortable.

This performance-tuned series has the ambition to fill the hole of a "minimalist outdoor" sandal, but thanks to several models in the series, it provides a much wider selection. The Performance series offers a sandal for everyone, from a die-hard outdoorsman, sporty barefooter to pure-bred urbanite.

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