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Maximum barefoot enjoyment.

Sandals are designed to feel as close as possible to walking or running barefoot. At the same time, they provide a reasonable protection for your feet, hold the shape and thanks to a slightly dampening character they forgive some of the harder treads.

Available in three variants.

  • Natural leather insole

  • Low weight

  • Very thin sole

  • Shapes according to the foot

Bare black

  • Dark, elegant design

  • Dark, very nice pig suede insole

  • Small decent label

  • 1600,-

Bare brown

  • Light brown leather insole

  • Variant with light straps

  • 1600,-

Bare conductive

  • Conductive earthing straps

  • Very fine and nice pig suede insole

  • 1750,-


  • Weight: approx. 76 g in size 40

  • Thickness: 6.5 mm


Good choice for all who want a really comfortable, light and versatile sandal. It dampens the sharpest bumps, even in a small thickness. That's why it's suitable for those who have small gaps in the right walking or running style and for all barefoot beginners. Thanks to the minimum weight you will hardly feel them on your feet or in your backpack.

  • Light

  • Versatile

  • Suitable for barefoot beginners

  • Shapes according to the foot

Color variants of the out-sole:

  • black - 1450,-
  • grey - 1500,-
  • red brick - 1500,-


  • Weight: 90 g in size 40

  • Thickness: 8.5 mm

Light / Light leather

Outdoor versatile sandal.

Thanks to the sole from lightened material the sandal retains its low weight, and coarse tread pattern is not afraid of any terrain use. Thicker out-sole offers greater protection and reasonable level of damping. But the sandals is still surprisingly sensitive and allows you to read the terrain well. It's great for long and demanding use, when legs could suffer if in thinner sandals. It's ideal for trail running. And they will also work well as backup sandals in the backpack. Thanks to a thicker out-sole they have longer durability even when made from the lightened material. Bosky Light type is also a good choice for barefoot beginners, or as an alternative for people who have certain limitations and extremely thin out-sole is not for them. The leather version is good in absorbing sweat, and is therefore particularly suitable in heat and for those whose feet sweat more. On the contrary, if you plan to go a lot into water, artificial insole is a better choice.

  • Light

  • Coarse tread pattern

  • Ideal for rougher terrain and for running

  • Slightly damping sole

  • Suitable for barefoot beginners

  • Shapes according to the foot

  • Light 1500,- / Light leather light/dark straps 1650,-


  • Artificial insole: Thickness: 11 mm, Weight: 106 g in size 40

  • Leather insole: Thickness: 9.5 mm, Weight: 102 g in size 40


Enduro is a sandal that stands out for its durability.

It's ideal for all who plan to walk a lot in it and often on hard surface, and for hefty men and women who are afraid they would soon walk through lightweight tiny sandals. Frequent and intense use, terrain as well as the city, that's Enduro. Due to high durability, it is a bit heavier and has a harder tread in a thin variant. On the other hand this variant is extremely sensitive.

  • Durability

  • Aggressive tread-pattern

  • Excellent sensitivity and flexibility

  • 1600,-


  • Thin variant: 6.5 mm, Weight: 108 g in size 40

  • Medium variant: 9 mm, Weight: 129 g in size 40

  • Thick variant: 12 mm, Weight: 147 g in size 40